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Available exclusively to Modern Sales Co-op (Auto Sense) Members. CYLINK is an on-line parts lookup and order entry e-store website that is available to your customers at no cost to them to order parts directly from your business system.

CYLINK works on Activant Systems' AConneX® platform - therefore, your system must be AConneX® ready before your customers can order from you on-line. there is no cost to enable AConneX® on your existing Activant system.

The following Activant systems are compatible with CYLINK

bullet Prism
bullet Eclipse
bullet Ultimate
bullet ADIS
bullet JCON
bullet Eagle
bullet Vision

bullet A Business System that is capable of communicating on the AConneX® network. Check with your systems provider to verify if your system is AConneX® - ready.
bullet A reliable Business Grade HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION at all your store locations - note that your customers will also need a HIGH SPEED internet connection at their location to access your CYLINK eStore.

The CYLINK Package includes:

bullet Your own domain name (www.yourcompany.com) and website with 40 e-mail addresses included.
bullet Your own branded CYLINK e-store accessible to anyone over the internet – with password protected login access for your customers.
bullet The ability for your customers to view (and order from) your inventory (from any of your branches setup on CYLINK).
bullet A robust and secure infrastructure that is monitored 24/7 and protected against malicious attacks (viruses/hacks/spam etc.)
bullet Support over multiple channels – toll-free by phone, after hours pager, and by e-mail.
bullet Lifetime of FREE upgrades and enhancements.
bullet A hassle-free income stream with unlimited potential!.